I was fortunate enough to grow up in an era where dance music and bands like Soul II Soul, were really coming into their own. It was the birth of the Super Clubs like Ministry and Hacienda. It was a Golden Age, when clubbing was about the music and the DJ and nothing else. It was the imprint of this time that would form the passion to becoming a DJ later. The truth is a good tune is a good tune regardless, of what era it comes from, and that’s why I love DJing, it’s the ability to share that.

Everyone knows DJs can make or break an evening, and anyone who knows me, knows I have hassled too many DJs out there (for which I still apologise) in search of having a great night. Through my show I hope to share my best tunes, invoke great memories and just lift the vibrations of everyone listening.

When I’m not sharing tunes, I’m sharing my life with my husband and three children and running my company Defined Style a home décor business.

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