Harley Buckner


Harley’s Music and Stuff

A Cocktail of 40 years of hits centered around the 80s mixed with questions, teasers, smiles and trivia. If you enjoy great radio don't worry it only lasts 60 minutes.

Done this, done that. From an Armed Prison guard to owning a 3 counter Post Office and running a group of Pubs to driving royalty.

I sold my last business five or so years ago and was looking for something to do and got into community radio thinking I had found my niche, but after a couple of years Covid hit, and the studio closed – but luckily I found a Station which allowed me to broadcast remotely and so we carried on.I love the freedom that stations like ours allow. No playlist laid down by managers, no Station policies sent by memo – Just a bunch of people of all shapes, sizes and tastes hoping to entertain.

I very much like being here – I hope it shows.

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