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Clive Ayling’s Memories through Music

Music that you remember!

The Clive Ayling Show is a journey down memory lane with lots of songs from the 60's 70's and earlier! Clive has been a mobile DJ for 40 years and has an incredible collection of music which he has played at parties and weddings in the local area.  Any request he probably has it!   A part of his show is going to be a "do you remember when?"  The show […]

Clive Ayling’s Guess The Year Show and Album Tracks

Every other Thursday between 2pm and 3pm Clive Ayling will take you back to a past year, he will look at news and the music of a year. Your task will be to identify the year from the clues he gives you. Then when you know or think you know the year, why not email Clive at Then from 3pm till 4pm Clive invites you to the Album Sleeve. […]

From an early age, music has played a big part of my life. Music can uplift, entertain, and help us to escape our everyday lives. Having lived in the local area for some 30 of my 60 years I have a good knowledge of the Runnymede Borough.

Born in Windsor I spent my educational years in Eton (no not the famous place) and then in Datchet. My working life was spent at Staines. Musically I enjoy listening to most things, particularly the 70s as that was my teenage years. I like listening to music that I can sing along to so, not exclusively 70s but a touch of everything. And an interest in offshore radio as it used to be.

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