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To become a presenter all you need is a computer and a decent USB Microphone (£25)

Runnradio has a virtual studio that presenters can use giving you the versatility of doing a proper live show from your home! Full training will be given.  It is really very straightforward and people with no experience have had few issues.  If you use a music interface such as ID4 or Scarlet you can play live your own music and sing as well! 

We are just looking for people with a fun can-do attitude and who are passionate about what they want to get across.

No software/hardware

Use it from any connected computer, no hardware/software required.

Location independence

Do a live show anywhere you can have a connected laptop. Cover live events!


Use your computer’s or an external microphone to talk to your audience. Runnradio’s compressors automatically detect voice and lower the music volume at your desired level.

Play your own music to your listeners

It is important to understand the rules around broadcasting commercial music. Luckily here at Runnradio.com, we have this completely covered. As a DJ or presenter, you can broadcast any music you own (more on this later) across our radio station as we have the requisite licence from the PPL. Money is paid over to the artists depending on how many people listen to the tracks

Remember though that any music you play must be owned by you or you can access our own music library with thousands of songs. Bear in mind that Amazon/Itunes or Spotify songs cannot be played across our station as they are not in mp3 format. The best way to find mp3 music is by “ripping” them from CDs you own or purchasing them online c.90p. You can get huge amounts of CDs second hand now.

As everything is cloud-based, you don’t have to rely on a fast and always-on internet connection. Even in the event you get disconnected, your show will go on powered by Runnradio’s Web Automation, based on your settings. You can continue your show when you connect again, it will be as if you’d never left!

Automatic/Manual Mode

You can have Runnradio automatically run through a playlist but you can interrupt it at any time and do things manually. Such as upload new songs, Pause to chat, take a radio call-in.

If you are interested then please email rob@runnradio.com

Below is an image of the virtual studio

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